What should I pay attention to when using RJ45 connectors?

19/09/2022 wang shenfei

The rj45 connector is one of the common products in the network connector. It is a type of consumer electronics. After a long time of use, the performance will decline. If you want to extend the service life of the rj45 connector, then in the In the process of using rj45 connectors, we need to keep these considerations in mind.

The engineer pointed out that the RJ45 network connector is an electronic component in which the connecting line is matched and connected with the appropriate components to realize the connection and disconnection of the circuit. To ensure the normal operation of the network connector, it is necessary to strengthen the security spread during the operation cycle. To sum up, there are mainly four aspects, as follows:

1. The inspection of the RJ45 network connector must be carried out when the power switch is turned off, otherwise the related electrical components will be burned out due to the short circuit of the current.

2. When removing the network cable connector, carefully observe the connection method of the connector. First of all, the network connector can be disassembled only when the locking reed is released or the buckle is pressed. Do not force it to open. When installing, the connector should be inserted and locked in the opposite way.

3. When removing and testing some waterproof wire RJ45 network connectors, care should be taken to remove the sealing ring to avoid damage to the sealing ring, which will affect the waterproof effect; the sealing ring must be installed in place during installation. Otherwise, the circuit may malfunction due to water entering the connector.

4. When checking the RJ45 network connector with a multimeter, do not apply too much force to the metal terminal when the meter rod is inserted, so as to avoid deformation and lead to poor contact.

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