FPC connector features and characteristics Encyclopedia

08/09/2022 Admin

After we introduced the specifications of the FPC connector last time, we have received a lot of emails about what else to know about the FPC connector, and the most frequently asked question is "the characteristics of the FPC connector". In order to give everyone a comprehensive understanding of pc connectors, we have specially organized the relevant information as follows.

Among the connectors, there is a type of connector that plays an increasingly important role in the modern society where technology is more and more advanced. It is the fpc connector. We've already covered the specs, so we'll focus on its features and characteristics today.


First, the characteristics of the fpc connector.

The most notable features of fpc connectors are high density, small size, light weight, space saving, 7~129 cores, and 9 hole arrangements. Space-saving design: FPC connector height is 1.0mm with mounting area and depth of 3.2 meters. 0.6 m terminal pitch on solder terminals, existing front and back connectors; versatile. 6.3mm. 2.0mm. (110); Front locking construction. Greatly enhance its plug-in performance.

Second, fpc connector characteristics.

The opening of the fpc connector should be opened in the direction of miniaturization, high density, high-speed transmission, and high frequency. As many products face smaller and more compact openings, the application requirements of fpc connectors will become more precise; the total number of effective touch parts of high-density pc connectors can reach 600 cores, and special equipment can reach up to 5000 cores; high-speed transmission refers to modern Computer, information technology and networking technology require the time scale rate of signal transmission to reach the megahertz frequency band, and the pulse time to reach subseconds, so high-speed transmission fpc connectors are required.

Through the above introduction, the characteristics of pc connectors can be summarized in one sentence: small size, light weight, fast transmission, high density, and good plug-in performance. Because of these characteristics, fpc connectors are the most widely used in the field of mobile phone connectors. We have introduced the characteristics of the fpc connector here. I hope that through the knowledge we have compiled, you can deepen your understanding of the fpc connector.

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