Correct use of FPC connectors should be used like this

08/09/2022 wang shenfei

The research and development of each product is inseparable from the market demand. No one will develop a product without demand. Even if it is developed, it will not go far, and FPC connectors are no exception. Fpc connectors can be seen in various fields of the industry. You know that there are many stresses in its use. The following engineers will introduce you how to use fpc connectors correctly.

Before choosing an fpc connector, you must first understand its performance. Products with different sizes and specifications have different functions, so they cannot be simply replaced. Therefore, if the fpc connector is selected incorrectly, its performance will be greatly affected.

Do not insert the fpc connector at an angle to prevent the connector pins from being fully inserted into the connector. This can cause the connector to cause transport exceptions or connection failures. So an FPC connector should be inserted slowly at a right angle and then pushed down until the FPC connector is tightly connected.

Secondly, before using the pc connector, we first need to carefully check the appearance of the fpc connector to see if the connector itself has obvious damage, and whether the terminal pins of the connector are broken or bent. Using a connector is a big security risk if something goes wrong with the connector. Therefore, before using the FPC connector, it must be ensured that the connector is intact and the connector can be used.

Store FPC series products, try to avoid hot or humid environment, to prevent self-ignition due to high temperature environment, causing damage, and in the next humid place, the components of the connector may be damaged due to moisture. Therefore, attention must be paid to the storage of the connector, and it should be stored in a ventilated environment at room temperature.

During the use of the fpc product, it is not allowed to disconnect the connection part, otherwise it may cause arcing and local overheating in the connector and damage the parts. Secondly, inadvertently touching the exposed core wire of the connector can lead to accidents such as safe electric shock.

This is the introduction to the knowledge of how to use the fpc connector correctly. I hope that the majority of users can follow the points mentioned in the article when using the fpc connector. Only the correct use of fpc connector products can ensure the best performance to the greatest extent. Every fpc connector product we produce has passed the ISO certification, which meets the international environmental protection requirements, and has a free warranty within one year, so that the majority of users can purchase with confidence.

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