RJ45 and Single Pair Ethernet

10/02/2022 Admin

Will single pair Ethernet terminate RJ45 applications? How is RJ45 different from single pair Ethernet?


Today let's take a look at the magnetic RJ45.

RJ45 is a type of connector in the wiring system, which is a standard 8-for-modular interface connector. The full English name is Registered Jack 45, so it is abbreviated as RJ45. Magnetic RJ45 is an innovative magnetic connector solution for Ethernet connectivity. Compared to the traditional Rj45, it is more suitable for applications that need to be connected and disconnected frequently, and its unique self-mating and locking magnetic plug ensures the correct connection every time in the most inaccessible places.

The RJ45 components are easy to clean, and the rugged housing and magnetic suction process make the product a long-lasting solution. Usual features such as easy disconnect, high plug life and combined power and LAN connections are standard. It is tear-proof, avoiding the risk of injuring the user and damaging the plug. Deliberate removal of the plug is also quick and easy thanks to the detach function.


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