How to Fit A Screw On F-Type Connector

09/02/2022 Admin

These connectors are used for connection to many type of TV and Satellite Equipment, they are much more secure than the standard push in IEC Coaxial type. More and more amplifiers and splitters are beginning to use these as they make for a much better connection.

To correctly fit one of these connectors simply follow the instructions below:

Using a sharp knife or blade carefully slice round the outer sheath layer of the coaxial cable. Do this around 18mm from the end. Pull it off to reveal the copper (sometimes aluminium) braiding.

Remove the foil like screen covering the inner foam insulation and split the  braiding into two sections on either side of the cable.Twist them with your fingers to be left with two neat tails. Next cut through the foam or plastic insulation about 4mm above your braiding tails to reveal the inner core. Be careful not to bend or damage this part.Remove the foam insulation and make sure there is no braiding touching the inner core.

Twist the two tails of braiding down the able


Again making sure there is no braiding touching the inner core. Firmly screw on your F-Type connector, you can use pliers at this point if it is easier. Screw in all the way down until the white foam insulation is level with the inside of the connector.

Make sure NO braiding is touching the centre core.

Trim off any excess braiding hanging out the end of the connector.For neatness wrap a little bit of tape around the end of the connector.

If the connection is for internal use it is ready. If the connector is for external use wrap a little Self Amalgamating tape around any exposed parts. Used correctly this tape will fully waterproof the connection.

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