Connector selection under high current should not be sloppy

09/02/2022 Admin

For engineers who have been exposed to "high power" of no more than a few hundred watts in the past, or have only dealt with currents below 10A, in order to realize the interconnection of electric vehicle power supply, it is necessary to adopt a completely different idea from the past. In electric vehicle designs, high currents and high voltages are the norm among various subsystems and components, for which designers must select the appropriate wire-to-board and wire-to-wire connectors to withstand very difficult vibration, stress, and temperature conditions. Condition, meet challenging power capacity, mating life and mechanical strength requirements. Because of this, the specificity of the power connector associated with the battery subsystem cannot be ignored. The high-current, high-voltage issues in an electric vehicle environment do not tolerate any "opportunistic" or "later" attitudesissues that must be addressed early in the design process.




The Combined Charging System (CCS) is a standardized charging system for electric vehicles that supports both conventional AC charging and DC fast charging, both of which can be plugged into a CCS car-side socket. ebeestock offers a wide range of charging plugs that conform to a variety of international standards for DC fast charging and AC charging connectors.




The power needed for electric vehicles comes from invisible but vital chemical reactions in cells and packs, and visible and visible connectors and contacts form the key to getting the current to where it needs to be. Nodes must be handled with great attention and care in many details. Devices in electric vehicles have significant specificities in terms of voltage and power levels, operating environments, and user expectations, issues that do not pose much of a problem for portable consumer devices but can be significant in electric vehicles, including The performance of the battery pack in extreme and even abnormal conditions (including thermal handling, cell balancing), connector IR drop, and how to make the connector secure and easy to pull out, etc. These issues must be viewed and addressed from multiple perspectives, with a clear focus on prioritization of goals, trade-offs, and interactions between solutions.


If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. ebeestock electronic engineers will provide you with professional services.

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