What should I pay attention to when using RJ45 connectors?

The rj45 connector is one of the common products in the network connector. It is a type of consumer electronics. After a long time of use, the performance will decline. If you want to extend the servi...

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What is Antenna Gain?

The antenna design determines the efficiency of the antenna in collecting design receiving. The high-gain antenna uses additional components to pull into the radio frequency wave, focusing the radiati...

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Explanation of Antenna terms

The polarization of radio waves, often with the earth as the standard surface. The polarization wave whose polarization surface is parallel to the earth normal plane (vertical plane) is called the ver...

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What is WIFI Antenna?

WiFI has a much shorter data range, however, and is used with computers, printers, and other peripherals in local area networks (LANs).

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RF Microwave Fundamentals: Basic Concepts and Terminology

Antenna gain (dB): refers to the ability of the antenna to concentrate the transmit power in a specified direction. Generally, the field strength E in the maximum radiation direction of the antenna is...

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RF Microwave Fundamentals: Basic Concepts and Terminology-2 Fiber knowledge

Optical demultiplexer or optical combiner is collectively referred to as optical multiplexer, which can divide or combine multiple carriers to double the capacity of optical fiber communication.

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What are the basic differences between wires and cables?

The basic key difference between the wires and the cable is that the wire is a single conductor, and the cable is a set of conductors. Although these conductors are made of ordinary materials or alumi...

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How to select connector

What is the connector application: Possibly the first step in selecting or choosing the connector is to define what the purpose of the connector is. Aspect like whether the connector is required for...

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M12 Circular Connectors Help Industrial Robots

Ebeestock electronics has launched an industrial-grade connector, the M12 circular connector, which can not only meet the transmission of signals and currents in the industrial field, but also meet th...

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What is LTE Antenna & How Does It Work?

Therefore, the frequency range should be considered when making a selection. One other important factor to consider is antenna size and mounting options. Additionally, coverage requirements and antenn...

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