Quickly recognize the intuitive structure of FPC connectors

In the world of connectors, the professional name of FPC products is flexible printed circuit boards, which are generally made of polyimide or polyester film materials, with high flexibility and relia...

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The principle of JYR machine

JYR series inverter DC hot pressing welding power source is a new type of power source developed by IGBT inverter technology, microcomputer control technology and modern power electronic technology. D...

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FFC-FLAT flexible cable reliable connection

Flat-Flexible cable (FFC) is designed for the interconnection of the board to board in the electronic system. It consists of a flat tin or gold-plated copper conductor with polyester or polytamide tap...

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The Difference between 2-way and 3-way Car Speakers.

Have you upgraded your car's stereo before? If you have not upgraded it, you may be a little overwhelmed by the upgrade of the speaker. But don't worry, the automotive audio market is so well develope...

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Connectors Enable Robots to Help Industrial Automation Production

Nowadays, especially in the industrial field, more and more factories are accelerating the transformation to fully automated production, and industrial robots have become standard in factories.

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Correct use of FPC connectors should be used like this

The research and development of each product is inseparable from the market demand. No one will develop a product without demand. Even if it is developed, it will not go far, and FPC connectors are no...

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FPC connector features and characteristics Encyclopedia

After we introduced the specifications of the FPC connector last time, we have received a lot of emails about what else to know about the FPC connector, and the most frequently asked question is "the ...

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Robot Connector System, Reliability is The Premise

In addition to the extremely high demand for transmission measurement and control regulation in highly automated equipment, the protection of electronic components from overvoltage is an implicit need...

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Introduction of Electric Multimeter: Get your Connector tested!

Digital multimeters are used in applications requiring electrical engineering, maintenance, quality control, inspection and/or electrical service and diagnostic testing. Basic digital multimeters work...

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The introduction of the antenna and various parameters

The antenna has five basic parameters: directionality coefficient, antenna efficiency, gain coefficient, radiation resistance and antenna effective height.

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