Major Semiconductor Industries

The upstream is the underlying foundation of the overall semiconductor industry, providing support for the semiconductor industry, and is composed of semiconductor materials and semiconductor equipmen...

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What is the difference between a chip and an integrated circuit?

Integrated circuits are manufactured through semiconductor technology, thin film technology and thick film technology, and any circuit miniaturization of a certain function can be called an integrated...

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What is a semiconductor chip integrated circuit?

Whether from the perspective of technology or economic development, the importance of semiconductors is very large. The core units of most of today's electronic products, such as computers, mobile pho...

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The introduction to D-Sub connector

The most common are DB25 and DE9. Typical applications on personal computers are VGA (DA15 female), parallel port (DB25 female), COM serial (DE9 male), although these interfaces are being replaced by ...

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The Difference between a Directional Antenna and an Omnidirectional Antenna

For an omnidirectional antenna, in general, the smaller the lobe width, the greater the gain. Omnidirectional antennas are generally used in communication systems with short distances, large coverage ...

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What is CANBUS?

CAN's high performance and reliability have been recognized and widely used in industrial automation, ships, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc. Fieldbus is one of the hotspots of technology...

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What is an FFC/FPC connector?

Some variants are capable of mixing FFC cables and round wire contacts with various pitches such as 0.03 mm, 0.5 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.25 mm, 2.54 mm, but the most common pitches are 0.500 mm, 1.00 mm and 1....

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VGA to HDMI Converter FAQ

  Before powering on, you should carefully check whether the connection line is normal, and you must ensure that all interfaces are connected normally. Common fault judgment and processing met...

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What is a Cable Gland?

Additional Environmental Sealing - At the cable entry, the protection rating of the enclosure is maintained by selecting the appropriate accessories designed to perform this function. Cable glands ...

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Introduction to HDMI data cable

The cable length of DVI cannot exceed 8 meters, otherwise it will affect the picture quality, while HDMI can transmit up to 15 meters. Only one HDMI cable can replace up to 13 analog transmission line...

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