Relays have a number of basic parts that form the relay.

When a current flows through the coil an electro-magnetic field is set up. The field attracts an iron armature, whose other end pushes the contacts together, completing the circuit. When the current i...

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Commonly Used Materials for Relays

There are many examples of how large the levels of inrush current can be. A simple domestic incandescent electric light bulb illustrates the point well. When cold the filament has a low resistance, an...

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Introduction to the Service Life of Relays

As with any technology there are advantages and disadvantages to the use of electromechanical relays. When designing circuit, it is necessary to weight of the positives and negatives to select the rig...

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What is the difference between VGA, DVI, and HDMI video interfaces?

The HDMI interface also transmits digital signals, so the video quality is basically the same as that achieved by the DVI interface. The HDMI interface can also transmit audio signals. If the monitor ...

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What are the Different Antenna Types?

The second major categorical division of antenna types is between those that transmit signals, known as a transmitting antennas, and those that receive signals, called receiving antennas. It is also p...

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Ethernet Cables Types and How To Choose a Suitable One

Additionally, all Cat 6a and higher cables are guaranteed to be shielded to completely eliminate interference. Cat 6a cables will support your high-speed Internet connection for years to come, even wi...

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Basic Parameters of Commonly Used Connectors

The plug-in force and mechanical life of the connector are related to the contact structure (positive pressure), the coating quality (sliding friction coefficient) of the contact part, and the dimensi...

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Basic Principles of Connector Selection

In the selection process of connectors, it is necessary to choose common materials as much as possible, especially among products of the same series, the selection of connectors has strong versatility...

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Heavy-duty Connectors are Widely Used in Industrial Automation

In the future, the sales market of smart factories and related machinery and equipment will continue to grow rapidly and steadily. Heavy-duty connectors are an excellent interconnection solution with ...

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Semiconductor concepts and classification

The materials required by the semiconductor industry mainly include silicon wafers, photoresists, targets, polishing fluid polishing pads and electronic special gases. In addition to silicon wafers, m...

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