Environment-resistant M12 Circular Connectors for Industrial Robots

With the continuous expansion of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), high-quality connectors are essential for industrial robots to widely adapt to various complex application environments.

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RF connector model size

The model number of the universal RF connector consists of two parts: the main name code and the structural form code, separated by a short horizontal line "-" in the middle. Other cases to be explain...

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RF Coaxial Connector Specification Size

The 1 mm series connectors developed by some developed countries have extended the upper limit of the working frequency of the coaxial system to 110 GHz, which meets the requirements of the developmen...

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The types of RF connectors

The most notable feature of this connector is a thicker center conductor (about 4mm thick) in the middle of the plug. The connection and fixing is made by means of the internal thread on the connector...

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Different types of hard disk ports

SCSI interfaces are usually used in server hard disks because they provide better transport performance than ides. Hard disks with this interface have better stability and faster performance. But the ...

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The introduction of LTE Antenna : What is LTE Antenna & How Does It Work?

To understand the value of signal strength, we need to learn terms such as SNR, RSRP, and RSCP. Factors such as bad weather, distance from base stations, and network congestion can reduce signal stren...

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Custom RF Cable Assembly 50 OHM

We can help you to create any cable for your RF application. Choose from all types of cables including RG174, RG316, RG402, RG405 and LMR series cables LMR100, 195, 240 and 400.     If ...

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Mistakes to Avoid When Using Connectors

Sometimes, the torque wrench is right, but it still causes damage to the connector. Why is this again? It's simple, your method is wrong. Yes, the method is very important, such as the position, angle...

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Why you need a cable splitter?

You may have to suffer from signal loss. This can be a major disadvantage. Other than that, there is no way to select individual channels to watch. You will have to watch what other people are watchin...

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The advantage Electromechanical Relay

It is possible for there to be further sets of electrical switch contacts. In the same way that it is possible to have multiple poles on a switch, the same can be done with relays. It is possible to h...

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