Overview of FAKRA Connectors

FAKRA is the abbreviation of FAchKReis Automobil (a team of automotive experts, composed of engineers from BMW, Huber-Suhner, Rosenberger and other companies, after Huber-Suhner related connector busi...

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How to Distinguish UHF and VHF?

VHF (Very High Frequency), very high frequency, refers to radio waves in the frequency band from 30 MHz to 300 MHz. UHF (Ultra High Frequency), ultra-high frequency, refers to radio waves in the freq...

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What is the difference of coaxial cable Coaxial and RCA?

The following Ebeestock technicians will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of coaxial and RCA connectors, making it easier for you to distinguish.

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Concept and application of D-sub

A D-sub consists of two or more parallel rows of pins or sockets, usually surrounded by a D-shaped metal shield that provides mechanical support, ensures proper orientation, and shields electromagneti...

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Concept and application of RG-6 cable

RG-6/U is a common coaxial cable used in a variety of residential and commercial applications. The characteristic impedance of RG-6/U coaxial cable is 75 ohms. The term RG-6 is generic and applies to ...

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Connector selection under high current should not be sloppy

For engineers who have been exposed to "high power" of no more than a few hundred watts in the past, or have only dealt with currents below 10A, in order to realize the interconnection of electric veh...

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HDMI Cables: Types and Specifications

What is HDMI? HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, a standard for simultaneously transmitting digital video and audio from a source, such as a computer or TV cable box, to a computer...

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How to Fit A Screw On F-Type Connector

These connectors are used for connection to many type of TV and Satellite Equipment, they are much more secure than the standard push in IEC Coaxial type. More and more amplifiers and splitters are be...

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Performance and application of BNC connectors

The Bayonet Neill Concelman (BNC) connector is a miniature quick connect/disconnect radio frequency (RF) connector for coaxial cable and video and RF applications in 10Base-2 Ethernet systems. These c...

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RJ45 and Single Pair Ethernet

Will single pair Ethernet terminate RJ45 applications? How is RJ45 different from single pair Ethernet?   Today let's take a look at the magnetic RJ45. RJ45 is a type of connector in the wi...

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