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What should I pay attention to when using RJ45 connectors?

The rj45 connector is one of the common products in the network connector. It is a type of consumer electronics. After a long time of use, the performance will decline. If you want to extend the servi...

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FPC connector features and characteristics Encyclopedia

After we introduced the specifications of the FPC connector last time, we have received a lot of emails about what else to know about the FPC connector, and the most frequently asked question is "the ...

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Correct use of FPC connectors should be used like this

The research and development of each product is inseparable from the market demand. No one will develop a product without demand. Even if it is developed, it will not go far, and FPC connectors are no...

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The principle of JYR machine

JYR series inverter DC hot pressing welding power source is a new type of power source developed by IGBT inverter technology, microcomputer control technology and modern power electronic technology. D...

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Quickly recognize the intuitive structure of FPC connectors

In the world of connectors, the professional name of FPC products is flexible printed circuit boards, which are generally made of polyimide or polyester film materials, with high flexibility and relia...

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What do you know about the market advantages of flexible FPC connectors

The market advantages of flexible FPC connectors are mainly reflected in three aspects:rapid miniaturization, high-density integration and high reliability,good available space and extensive connectiv...

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FPC connector manufacturers talk about FPC circuit problems (custom proofing)

FPC circuit problems are mainly reflected in four aspects, as follows: 1. In the circuit board of the FPC connector, it is used for two layers of single-sided PI copper-clad material, supplemented by...

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What to do when the FPC connector encounters scratches

In the industry, FPC connectors are also known as flexible printed circuit boards. Generally speaking, they are made of soft materials into pcbs, mainly 0.5mm pitch products. 0.3mm pitch products have...

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What do I talk about when I talk about FPC connector circuit problems

For purchasers, they may usually purchase many different connector products, among which FPC connectors are one of the most common products, but do you know that FPC connectors are more prone to circu...

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What are the advantages of connecting lines

For cable purchasers, there must be hundreds of types of wire products purchased. In the long-term procurement process of cable, have you ever thought about the advantages of cable? The advantages of...

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