Connectors Enable Robots to Help Industrial Automation Production

07/09/2022 Leon

Nowadays, especially in the industrial field, more and more factories are accelerating the transformation to fully automated production, and industrial robots have become standard in factories.

Connectors Enable Robots to Help Industrial Automation Production


With the continuous improvement of automation technology, industrial robots are increasingly popular.

The popularity of industrial robots has allowed many manufacturing companies to save human resource costs and improve production efficiency. As a product of technological development, industrial robots play a role that cannot be underestimated in manufacturing. In addition to saving costs and improving efficiency, industrial robots can also provide maximum protection for workers' work safety and prevent work caused by negligence or fatigue. The replacement of labor by robots has become an inevitable trend in the development of industrial automation production.


Nowadays, especially in the industrial field, more and more factories are accelerating the transformation to fully automated production, and industrial robots have become standard in factories. Due to production needs, industrial robots are in a high-vibration, high-speed and high-temperature working environment. And it needs to be more and more miniaturized. As one of the key components of industrial robots, connectors provide signals, power, and current for robots, and play an indispensable role in promoting industrial automation production. Therefore, in order for industrial robots to perform more advanced and flexible operations and realize industrial automation production in the true sense, it is inseparable from the blessing and empowerment of connectors. The increase in the output of industrial robots has brought certain economic benefits to the connector industry, but at the same time it has also put forward more requirements.


Small and precise


Due to the demand for miniaturization of robots, industrial connectors also need to be smaller and more precise. In the past, the functions of connectors that provided technical support for industrial robots were relatively simple. With the development of science and technology, industrial connectors began to develop in the direction of integrating power, signal, shock resistance, high temperature resistance, and plug resistance. Its functions are more compact and perfect to meet the needs of industrial robots for miniaturization, and at the same time reduce production costs and save space for industrial robots.


High-speed transmission


Thanks to 5G high-speed transmission technology, the intelligent production of industrial robots will gain greater flexibility and reduce operating and management costs. Compared with the simple mechanical interconnection in the past, the characteristics of high speed and low latency of 5G technology determine that industrial connectors need to undertake the task of high-speed signal transmission to ensure safe communication in industrial automation. In addition, it also needs to have the ability to transmit a large amount of data and a faster signal transmission speed.


Integrated sensor connection


As we all know, the sensor is an indispensable component in the feedback control of industrial robots. As the basic hardware of the Internet of Everything, the sensor undertakes the task of data transmission in all scenarios. Due to its extensive application, the combination with the connector has become an inevitable trend of development. It is reported that there are relatively few connector companies that have started such research and development, so the integration of sensors and connectors will become a major development opportunity for connector companies.


The continuous development of industrial automation has brought huge demand to industrial robots, and connectors have also ushered in more opportunities and challenges. While facing challenges, technology research and development, innovation and upgrading are carried out to promote their own development and move towards high precision. , high-speed, high-integration direction to adapt to changing market demands.

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