Coaxial F Type (F-Pin / F81) Voltage Blocking 75 Ohm Terminator with DC Short Pack of 100

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Product information

Product features

  • Used for Blocking DC Voltage and Terminating RF (AC) Signal on Coaxial Equipment
  • Compatible with Satellite (Including DIRECTV and Satellite Dish), Cable TV and Internet (including Comcast, Cox, and Charter), and Off-Air Antenna systems.
  • Manufactured from high quality material for exceptional quality and extremely low signal attenuation.
  • Designed for standard F81, F-Type, F-Pin Ports
  • Pack of 100 Indoor / Outdoor Rated VBT (Voltage Blocking Terminators)

Product Description

Ebeestock, A Family Company located in the USA, is proud to offer these high quality and durable VBTs, also known as Voltage Blocking Terminators. F81 Terminators, using the F-Pin connection (standard on US Cable systems). These connectors may be installed indoors or outdoors - ensuring that the female port stays clean and free from dust, dirt, rust, or debris. They also block the DC Voltage on signal lines. Standard 75 Ohm Terminators do not block voltage, only this style does. We back our product 100%.

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